Natural Alpha

Deeper meaning behind the brand name

As we wander through this journey of life, we all have our own personal challenges and goals. But as a ‘Natural Alpha‘ we have 1 common goal: 

“Mastery of the three layers”. 

I can already hear you wondering: But what do these colors and symbols mean and why should I even want it? 

Don’t worry, let me walk you through these three layers of a Natural Alpha.

Layer 1: The Warrior

The Warrior is symbolized by the Spartan Helmet. It represents the material world. The Warrior is powerful, focused, disciplined and determined. The Warrior has a deep desire to achieve excellence in his physical strength, in becoming as healthy as possible and in gathering lots of wealth. The golden color stands for the riches of the world/ the decoration of the outward. 

In the context of layer 1, Natural Alpha represents: Being an Alpha male effortlessly (alpha means dominant leader)

Layer 2: The Scholar

The Scholar is symbolized by the keyhole. It represents wisdom; unlocking the door of infinite potential. The Scholar is ever-learning, humble, disciplined and righteous. The Scholar has a deep desire to learn and understand all the secrets of the universe and to create in alignment with his purpose on earth. The blue color stands for wisdom and serenity. 

In the context of layer 2, Natural Alpha represents: Being destined to create greatness (alpha means creation)

Layer 3: The Mystic

The Mystic is symbolized by the sandal of the prophet. It represents spiritual excellence; Ihsan. The Mystic is virtuous, kind and compassionate; love is central in their identity and consciousness. The Mystic strives for the most profound attachment to God, excellence in his worship and oneness among all believers. The white color stands for purity and clarity.

In the context of layer 3, Natural Alpha represents: Our innate search for divine truth and purpose. (alpha means beginning)

“In the age of information overload, expertise is not knowing lots of stuf. Rather, it’s the ability to sort the useful from the useless.”

Nowadays there is so much noise online about what is good or not, but how can you possibly know whom to listen to? How can you filter out the clutter and find diamonds in a haystack? That is where I come in. I have walked through the trenches, took all the arrow shots and made all the mistakes you possibly can, so that you don’t have to worry about sorting all of the information.

To understand me you need to know my background. From the age of fourteen I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and I had to take medication for the rest of my life. The thyroid is a small shaped gland in your neck. Without thyroid hormone a body cannot function: it plays an important role in the metabolism of cells (that ensure the construction and breakdown) and the production of energy.

I was constantly extremely tired and needed more sleep than the rest of the world. After school I immediately jumped into my bed to sleep for another two, three hours. Even with medication my energy levels were so low that I eventually had to drop out of three college studies.

This thing was ruining my life, but looking back at it; it was simultaneously the biggest blessing of my life as well. It certainly lit a fire under my belly. A strong determination to succeed, to come back stronger than ever. For years and years I’ve been studying and trying out all the different diets, all the supplements, all the alternative healing methods. It made me obsessed in looking for ways to achieve perfect health, in finding out new methods that could potentially give me 1% more energy. But it also made me determined to make something out of my life. That is when I dove into the world of self-development as a young teen. I learned about millionaire success habits, law of attraction, napoleon hill, the importance of spiritually and much more. 

Kerim Kurt

Lifestyle coach

It is my mission to help others in an inspiring way to reach their full potential.

- Kerim

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